Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 72/365
I have another bottlebrush for today,
I was trying to take a photo of the 18 odd
Black Cockatoos, but the stupid cat
(who thinks he is a dog sometimes),
scared them all away. They were eating all
the new growth on the pine tree and this
bottlebrush thing.

Day 73/365
A quick trip to Cuttagee after work.
We had rain today and the
lake looked all misty and fresh?

Photo's by Tiff
I let Tiff loose with my camera yesterday,
I told her to just snap whatever took her fancy.
She has come up with some pretty good photos.
I have added the borders but the rest is all her
own stuff, I will have to make her a watermark
stamp with her name on it.

Self portrait.
Mangrove Tree

Mangrove Roots

Some sort of Lily?
I am definitely not a gardener, I
have no idea what flower is what. This
is in the garden of the Motel behind the shop.

That is it for me.
Thanks for stopping by.


Pauly said...

Great pics! well done Tiff!!! And congrats to Sheri on her win from Shaz!!Woohoo!

CreativeMe68 said...

Beautiful Photography!!! Love the photo of the Day Lily...I used to grow all different colours and varieties of this plant!! Your DD Tiff took some wonderful photos too!
Today I was coming home from Bowen and I have never ever seen as many black cockatoos as I saw today!! There would have been at least 150 of them!!! Made Baz stop on the side of the road and I would have taken 10 mins of photos....they are really flighty birds!! I got some good ones will share a bit later once I get my brand new computer back!!!!Luv Shaz xoxo

vicmbee said...

great pics again.... and love Tiffs.... wahoo! got my SBM today and Tara and Tiff are both in there well done girls....

Tara said...

ha ha she is gonna put you to shame!!! go tiff...

love your one of cuttagee too :-)

didn't know i was gonna be in the mag!!