Monday, April 13, 2009

Another long post.

Day 83/365
I took this from the front door of the shop on Friday.
It is not very clear, but I thought it was pretty
cool how many people went for a look
at the Marlin, I could see all their heads above the cars in the car park.
It was a 222kg Blue Marlin. Pretty impressive.
Day 84/365
I really have no idea what sort of bird this is,
I was sneaking up on them and doing a pretty good
job of it, when something spooked them and they all
flew away. I didn't know there was a man
was flying a kite behind me and
they probably got spooked by the shadow.
Mark thinks they might be Little Terns.
Day 85/365
Today's picture, or two photos.
This is the first flower I have seen on the
Arum Lily for ages, and when I got close
enough to take a photo I noticed the bee sitting
on the stamen.
And here is Tiff, she just finished giving Dennis the Menace
a hand full of grass. He is an X-circus horse that
lives down the road. We have had a lend of him
for a few days, he is best lawn mower
we have had for a long time.
So how was your weekend, ours was going along swimmingly until
yesterday morning when Mark went in to open the shop.
Some lowlife-waste-of-space-good-for-nothing-dregs-of-the-world
decided that he/they should break into
the shop again, and steal the rest of the fishing reels that
they missed 67 days ago when they broke in the first time.
We added extra locks and some braces after the last
time they got in, they worked a treat, they could
not get in through the door,
so they just smashed the window beside the door.
And then smashed the glass in the reel cabinet as well.
They cleaned us out of every reel in the two cupboards this time,
bad timing, Easter Sunday when we would
have made a heap of sales if we had the reels to sell.
This is the hole in the glass that the mongrels climbed
through to get into the shop.
They tried the back door as well, but the sensor lights
probably scared them away from there.
Hopefully fingerprint people will arrive tomorrow,
we cant do anything much until they do
their stuff, not that it will do much good.
On a better note, we had Tegan and Nesh down
for a visit over the weekend, it was so
good to see them both.
Sheri has gone back to Tumut with them.
We wont see her again until sometime next week,
have a brilliant break up there Sheri.
That's it for now, best go eat my
yummy fish before it gets cold.


CreativeMe68 said...

Oh Sue That is not good!!!I wish the low lives of the world would bugger off, go get a life and stop hurting innocent people. Hope the police find out who did this to your family business! Sorry for your loss!

Love the photos, bet you are missing Sheri??? Bye Luv Shaz xoxo

Sue said...

Thanks Shaz,
It is a pity that these people cant be made aware of the snowball effect of their actions.
We not only lose the stock, we lose trade by not having stock available on the spot, so potential customers leave without making a purchase, causing us double loses. Insurance premiums will go through the roof. The list just keeps on going. So yeah I hope they find the so and so's too.
I wont have a chance to miss Sheri,with modern technology I have been chatting with her all day via text messages.

Pauly said...

OMG! Again!! Rotten people!! Hope they catch them. So not fair eh! GRR! Lovin ya photos..PS glad you don't get tired of sunsets, cos I love em!! I went out every night on our holiday, couldn't catch the last morning I got up before the sun and tried to catch a sunrise....couldn't see for fog!!! So walked the beach for an hour, that was nice.