Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 94/365
Thursday 24th.
Spent the day travelling. From Bermi to
Tumut, then to Batlow for the arvo
and back to Tumut for the night.
I was just coming into Tumut when the sun
was setting, how could I resist taking a photo of that.
I pulled into a side road and this is what was there.
I am pretty stoked with this pic.
Day 95/365
I really wanted to find some Poplars to snap,
but wouldn't you know it, the council trimmed them
back from the roads, so I found this instead,
some Poplars and other assorted trees.
The dirt track is great, beats a tarred road anytime.
Sheri and I checked out the Park
where Jed was Christened. So glad it is Autumn, the trees look awesome.
A bit of a water feature, a few birds, and an awful lot of rain.
I was a bit worried about the camera getting soaked.
Same water, different view.
One of the birds previously mentioned.
A goose. I just love the looks in birds faces
when I am armed with my camera, I don't
think they know what to make of me.
A different park, it was getting dark by the time
I checked this one out, so the photo is a bit on the dark side.
I love the Japanese Garden feel of this.
Our little man showing off his crawling skills.
He looks pretty happy with himself.

Look Nan, I can do it one handed, pity he collapsed
after I took the photo. And doesn't
he just love the camera, every time I lined him
up he crawled towards me, so I got some pretty blurry face shots.
All the kids together.
Sheri, Tiff, Tani, Jed and Zayne.
How hard is it to get 5 kids looking in the same direction.
Tara took this photo using my camera.

I will leave it at this for the day, I am a bit side-tracked
watching biggest loser, I don't know about anyone else
but they make me feel like the loser, I don't
even try to lose weight, much to the Doc's disgust.
I have checked everyone else's blog, but
have not left comments, will try to catch up soon.
Tomorrow I will add the photos of the SNOW.
Would you believe we came through snow today,
it is only April, what will winter be like.
Be good, and thanks for stopping by.

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CreativeMe68 said...

OMG I love your photos! I love the sunset one....and that long drive down that dirt road I would just love to take photos of that! Thanks for sharing with us.

Five beautiful children there, lovely family shot...Just such a pity Mum/Granny/Nanny/Ma wasn't in the pic with them!!!

Happy who won Biggest Loser!!! Bob looked Amazing! Yeh I am definately inspired by their weight loss! But they have done some really hard work to get to where they are now!

Can't wait to see more of the snow pics...I would just love to once see snow in my lifetime! Might have to pay you a visit LOL! Luv Shaz xoxo