Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 96/365
Anzac Day.
We spent the day at one of my brothers.
We had a family BBQ in the rain.
He lives out of town, so there was lots to take
photos of.
First is a Scarifier out in the horse paddock.
There is not a lot of grass around, hopefully after all
the rain things will start to look better.
Looking through the working end of the scarifier.
Close up of the fungus/mould growing on
part of the scarifier.

A poor sad kids chair that was out on
the fire pile. Thought it would make a nice pic
so I moved it near the tree.
Look what I found hanging around in the shed.
He has numerous wagons and assorted
wheels to fit.
Just a garden gate.
I cant get over the lack of grass in
the paddock.
Just your typical doghouse.
There were little wrens everywhere until
I pointed the camera at them.
Coming into Tumut, I braved getting out of
the warm car in the rain to take this pic.
Not as good as I hoped but I was shivering way
too much. It is way too early for winter, I am not ready.

That is it for Saturday,
I am having trouble with the computer tonight,
I will try to load Sundays while I am on a roll.

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