Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 78/365
Today's photo is a solitary little shell.
I thought if I went to the beach tonight
that there would be shells everywhere, huh,
not even. The tide was pretty high, so
this was one of the few that we found.

The sun was setting while we were there,
so of course I could not resist taking
a photo or two of that.

I am not sure what Tiff was doing here,
I think she was trying to see how deep
she could make her footprints.
And what is a trip to the sand if you don't attempt
to make at least one sandcastle? Or
whatever this is!

It was all looking pretty good until a big
wave came and knocked the wall down.
She frantically tried to save it but gravity
got the better of it.
I didn't get around to doing my scrapping today.
I thought about doing some, does that count.
That's it from me for another day,
be good people's and I will
be back tomorrow (hopefully).

1 comment:

Tara said...

i like the one of tiff jumping... looks cool!!