Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 75/365
Party day. Just when we were going outside
to light some sparklers it started raining,
so the girls compromised by using glow sticks inside.
We did put a sparkler on top of the cake, not the smartest
idea I have ever had, there was little black bits
of ash stuff everywhere.
The Cake......
Talk about the quickest decoration job ever.
I iced the cake in the morning before I went to work,
it was that hot all day that the icing melted and dripped off
the sides, but it still looked all right after a little window dressing.
About the only decent birthday pic that I managed
to get of the girl.

Sheri providing the music for the girls,
the song was something called 'amazing'.
Think I must be out of touch cause I
didn't know what the song was.

Sheri on piano, Christine, Maddy and Darrie
singing the lyrics. They were pretty good.

Day 76/365
Our little touch of Paradise behind the shop
at the motel. Makes you feel like
you should be on holidays in the tropics.
How plastic does this look.
I assure you they are real.

Blimey, look at the time, no
wonder I have been yawning my head off again.
I have more birthday photos but not sure if I
should bore you with them.
I best be off and I will try to make it on
here again tomorrow.
Hey woot woot, we get to sleep in in the morning,
don't forget to put your clocks back.


CreativeMe68 said...

Sue, just beautiful photos of Sheri and her gf...Looks like she had lots of fun! Would love to see more! Love the look of the hibiscus! Luv Shaz xoxo

Sue said...

Shaz, thanks. You asked what camera I have, it is a kodak EasyShare Z612, I would love to have a SLR but dont think that will ever happen, but I can dream.