Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 88/365
Look what Tiff and I found today,
I had read about this rock in Narooma,
but never knew where it was.
We had spare time when we went to do the
shopping today, so we headed down a road
that I don't think I have ever been on before,
and there it was, the hole in the rock, they
call it Aussie Rock because of the shape
of the hole. You have to get it at the right angle,
I think you can nearly get the drift of it from my photo.

I thought the hole must have been this small
thing that you really had to look for,
and here is Tiff sitting in the cradle of the rock.
She had to climb the rock to get up there,
it is a lot bigger than either of us thought.
Here she is just lazing around.
My girl Tiff. I have not been taking many pics
of the girls while I have been messing around
taking the other photos, they think they have gotten away
with it, but I think I will drag them to a photo shoot somewhere soon.
Consider yourselves warned girls. Lol.
That's it from me for the day,
I will bore you with bits of my life again
tomorrow. Sleep tight everyone.

1 comment:

Pauly said...

Wow, that hole is trippy!! Great photos!!