Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh, No, Someone take this camera from me.

Oh boy, Oh boy, have I gotten carried away today.
Lots of photos to follow, that is what happens when I
get a day off and the sun is out.
Day 89/365
How close did I come to capturing a Dolphin? not close enough.
This is the only one I managed to capture, sorry
but all I managed was his back.
We ventured further around the rocks to get away
from the wind and found this honeycomb rock.
Then I could not resist taking this photo of the shells
with the wet rocks behind.
Then Tiff found this cute mussel shell full
of smaller shells. Wonder if someone put them
there or if it was nature.
I was trying to take a photo of Tiff without
her eyes closed, the glare from the sun was too strong.
But I did manage this profile shot that I really like.
That was going to be it for the day,
and then Mark rang and said go take a photo of the front
coming up the coast, he was hoping
the setting sun would make it shine, but
by the time I got there it was just like a big
dark curtain over the water.
This one was taken at Cuttagee, I did
get some from up the road a bit where
Tiff was sitting on the stockyard but they
are not brilliant.
I just took a snap or 2 of the setting sun,
told you I am addicted to taking photos of that.
If you right click on this one, you can
see the different colours of the hills as they
get further away.
Then Tiff climbed up on this stock yard thing,
how could I not take a pic of that.

It was blowing a gale and the poor girl
was freezing, she is trying hard not to shiver.

On to Cuttagee for a look, and wow how
happy am I with the colours in these photos,
it was really hard to drag myself away,
I could have taken hundreds of photos.

I really was going to do some scrapping today,
but taking photos got in the way,
I promise tomorrow to take
less photos, or at least
to load less to my blog.
So hope your day was as fruitful as mine was.
Thanks for looking in on my life and thank
you for any comments you may choose to leave.
Catch you tomorrow.


vicmbee said...

Hi ya!! suzy love your photo's, the colours are gorgeous in all of the sunset and scenery ones.... on the ragdoll card I used basic grey sultry range pp, and did use a border punch from fiskars but it won't go through the cardstock.

Sue said...

Hey Vic, I was trying to work out what the paper was, I didnt think it must have been pre cut. Looks great. I just found Aunts blog and left her a comment.
I love all the pics that I got today, doesnt leave much to take tomorrow though.

CreativeMe68 said...

WOW!!! Sue You got some really T-Riffic photos yesterday! Lots and lots of inspiration where you live! Love the shell photo!!! And Tiff is so photogenic....have to put a lock on her door really soon! Thanks for our chat on msn....was great to finally chat to you, hopefully we will catch up again really soon Luv Shaz xoxo

storkess said...

Hi Sue, I'm real impressed with your photography, tried to leave you a comment a couple of times but I must have been doing something wrong cause it didn't work, but seems like I worked it out at last. We sure seem to have some talented members in our family, don't we. Must be that pure mountain air we breathed when young that you swapped for the coast. Luv from your aunt