Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ya just gotta love this dirty little face.
While we were pre-occupied doing something
else Zayne decided to sample the charcoal
that had fallen from the heater.
Tara took this photo using my camera
while I tried not to get charcoal everywhere.
Day 98/365
Monday 27th.
I took Tara and the kids down to the park where
I took the photos on Friday. I only
got a few photos of the kids, my
camera battery died and I didn't have a spare.
Love this photo with the gardens behind them.
I love the look on Zayne's face in this one.
He really loves the other kids, you can see
it the way he is looking at Tiff.
Zayne looks like a baby born dolly in this one.
I think I will have to scrap this pic, I love it.
Ah, at last, we finally got on the road.
The weather report was pretty blah, so
I checked in at the info centre, and they advised leaving
asap as there was snow predicted for later in the day.
Luckily at that stage I didn't need to carry chains.
Coming into Yarrangobilly homestead Tiff was
busting so we stopped for a visit, it was so cold,
but I risked frost bite to take photos.
This is the shed near the homestead.
Not far up the road we came upon the snow,
I can tell you it really was a bit of a worry,
as there was a heap more than what I was
led to believe. The plow had been
along the road so that was a huge relief.
I stopped on the hill before Kiandra to take this photo,
and the following one, then handed the camera
off to Sheri, as I wanted to keep driving.
I will add Sheri's pics after mine.
How totally amazing is the sky in this pic.
I think I was getting close to Bega when I
stopped to take this, I could see it in the rear-vision
mirror and just had to take a pic.
Sheri's pics of the April Snow.
She took heaps as we were driving along, so
they are not spectacular, but I do like this one.
It really shows just how much snow there was.
This is the hut at Kiandra, I think it
has something to do with the gold-rush times,
but I have never stopped to find out,
something else to add to the to-do-list.
And this chimney is all that is left of
one of the other huts, it withstood the test
of time for years, I cant imagine what the conditions
must have been like while they were looking
for the gold, a lot of the time they were
working in metre's of snow, and living
in tents.
Seems like it has taken all night to load
these pics again.
I will post these now and be back with the next pics.


vicmbee said...

Love your photo' time you up this way you should see what sort of pics you can take from my verandah.... as you can see the hills for miles...

Tara said...

LOVE the pic of Sheri and Zayne...
My pics of the kids from the park were quite crappy I think, not really impressed with them at all. Haven't had a real good look yet though...

Did Sheri take all them pics while you were driving?? Smarty pants, LOL...

Tara said...

Just checked out the one of all the kids too, its really good. I didn't even get one of them all looking in the same direction :-(

And that sky looks so cool!!

Sue said...

I stopped so she could get the one of the house and the chimney,
and she took the really good pic from the other post before I started driving. So much snow I could not get on the side of the road, and there was lots of traffic.
I think there might be some good pics of your 3 on my phone, have to get sheri to show me how to put them on here.

Sue said...

I have not added most of the driving ones. She might put them on her blog.

CreativeMe68 said...

I love the snow ones!!! And the house and the chimney one is just gorgeous! And I still can't believe you are old enough to have grand babies, they are just gorgeous Sue!
And I love the one of Sheri and Zayne too!!! I think you should scrap it too! You got some beautiful photos there! Luv Shaz xoxo