Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 90/365
Today I have done a little experiment to
see what I can do with a different setting.
Sample 1, I just snapped
I forgot to check what setting it was on,
but after going into the info button on the camera
I discovered it was still on Sunset in the Scenes Mode.
the other settings are as follows;
f 2.8
shutter 1/250
exposure 0.0
hi colour
ISO 80
Not bad but nothing special,
nothing really in focus, but overall still not bad.

Sample 2, I changed to Priority setting
so that I could play with the exposure, I wanted to make
the sky appear white. This
is basically an auto setting that allows you to
change exposure and flash settings.
The settings are;
f 2.8
shutter 1/640
exposure +1.0
priority setting
Natural colour
ISO 200
Way over exposed not happy with any of the photo.

Sample 3
Still in Priority setting, but altered the angle
that I took the photo, changing the auto settings.
f 4.0
shutter 1/640
exposure 1.0
natural colour
ISO 200
again not happy, hard to focus on the foreground
bringing the trees into focus and losing the subject.

Sample 4
I felt that the previous shots were too
wishy-washy so adjusted the exposure
to get something more suitable.
Still on priority setting,
f 4.0
shutter 1/640
exposure 0.7
natural colour
ISO 200
Much happier with this photo.
The background is softer, leaving the
foreground enough in focus to draw the eye
to the subject of the photo, without being too harsh.

I probably could have played a little bit more,
and tried some more settings but I was
on my way to work, and parked in the middle
of the driveway, so I had to move my butt.
I can see I will have to have another play some
other time. I should write these things
down in a notebook and leave it
with the camera, cause I am
sure I will forget what I done.
How was your weather today.
We started with a beautiful sunny day,
and it went downhill from there.
First came the wind, then the clouds,
then the rain, then stronger wind,
then it got extremely cold, the sun
tried to shine again, and now it it cold and raining.
Hope the weather is better tomorrow, not ready for
it to be winter already.
That's it from me.
Thanks for dropping by.

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CreativeMe68 said...

Lovely photos...I love wattle blossoms. Good on you for talking your camera off of the auto setting...Hopefully after I do my 2 weekly Sat courses in May I will be able to share some of this teachers tips with you!!! Luv Shaz xoxo