Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photo and Rant

Day 87/365
Today's photo.
A very dusty sunset.
I left work a little earlier today so
that I could take this photo.

How was your day, the wind was so strong here,
it actually broke the gate behind the shop.
Made it extremely hard to shut at home time.
Blew the signs down out the front, and
brought in all the dust that was flying around from inland.
The fishermen all came in early, the sea was
a tad rough, so I had plenty of time to read, Lol.

I would have done some scrapping but
all my supplies went to the garage with my car.
Had the most god-awful noise in the back brakes,
a new set of pads and some brake cleaner
and it is so much quieter, and not as expensive as
I thought it might have been.
Have you ever been broken into?
How has your attitude towards people changed?
We have always prided ourselves on the way
we treat people, IE: equally, without bias.
Everyone is welcome in the shop, and we
expect people to treat us with the same respect we
treat them, after the weekend I am starting to
look at people differently, I mean how
am I to know that someone is not casing
the joint getting ready for the next break-in.
Someone asked for a discount today, which normally I
would have given without a thought, today
I said 'NO WAY' we were broken into and
can no longer afford to be so generous.
Later I felt like the meanest, nastiest person on
the planet, I don't think I even said it nicely.
The owner of the premises
is talking about putting security mesh all
around the windows, I get claustrophobia and
am a bit concerned that the caged in feeling
will get to me. Why should I be made to feel caged
in while some low-life is out there
probably laughing his A*&^ off
at our expense.
Rant over now.
Sorry about that.
Hope you all have had a brilliant day,
and hope tomorrow will be even better.
See you all later.
Thanks for taking the time to share my
life with me.


CreativeMe68 said...

Great photos btw!!! You are getting dust and we are getting heaps of rain!! I didn't get very good photos from the weekend because of the overcast skies! I still haven't had a chance to upload them!!! Will share with you probably tomorrow!!!
Ohhh Sue...I am usually of the same opinion of you that everybody should be treated as equals! But since the D*%#head ran into our house the other day I am really peeved off at the world and some of the people in this town who think that it is funny that some drunk did this to us! I think the next generations of people and children will have some serious issues to deal with if they don't start cracking down hard on crime in this place we call the lucky country!! Because soon it won't be the lucky country! Hope you don't feel too much like a caged animal in your shop! Safety and Security first to stop those low lives!!!
Hope you have a better day tomorrow and into the weekend Luv Shaz xoxo

Sue said...

Ah Shaz, I am with you all the way. Peoples attitude is 'but you are insured aren't you'. Yes, but only for our cost of the items stolen, not for the profit we could have gotten if we had the stuff to sell, or the other stock they would have purchased with it. We dont have what they want, they wont come back in 6 or 7 weeks when we get a chegue to replace the items, that incidentally have gone up in cost since our original purchase.
I hope that the person that ran into your house has been caught and fined and will be made to cover the cost of the damage to your place. I have the feeling our offender will probably never be caught, and will reoffend again and again. If he/they are doing it for drug money (as assumed) one can only hope that they get a bad batch and suffer untold agony or worse(how bitter am I).
And I am sure my day will be better tomorrow, I have the whole day off, yay.

chrisw said...

Beautiful fishing boat shot..just stunning!