Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Super catch up.

Day 99/365

Not much to show for yesterday,

I worked in the arvo, so by the time I got

out of the shop it was nearly dark.
This is at the 4 knot sign in the harbour.

We had the setting sun and the moon
at the same time.

While I was there, I scurried over to the

Bruce Steer Pool, I love the way the
light is shining on the sand.

Just another one of Bruce Steer.

Don't know what is going on with the spacing of this

entry, silly puter chucking wobblies again.
Day 100/365
On the way home from shopping this afternoon.
Some men were cleaning fish,
and the pelicans and seagulls were hanging
around, so I pulled up and snapped away.
It was not even close to dark, so
I am impressed with the look
of these photos.
One of the men threw a fish frame just as
I snapped this pic, the gulls are going pyscho.
Look what I spotted on the side of the road.
For someone that is finding it increasingly
difficult to see without glasses, I am
surprised that I even seen this.
It is probably not even 2 inches across.
It was across the road, tucked in amongst
the trees and shrubs.

Ok, that is me caught up (at last).

Time I was in bed.

Thanks for stopping by, I

am sure I will catch you all somewhere


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CreativeMe68 said...

OMG I love the Pelican reflection with the seagulls flying around in the background! Beautiful Sunset over the beach photos too! Luv Shaz xoxo