Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 97/365
A quick trip in and around Tumut.
It was still pretty yuk sort of weather, so
it made it a bit hard to access some places.
The first one is water flowing down under the bridge from Fridays
pics, it was bone dry on Friday, shows how
much rain they got while I was there.
A Duck, taken at the same park as the goose.
I forgot to ask Mark what sort of duck it is.
Some farmers shed that caught my eye.
Think this was out the Lacmalac Rd.
Finally a half decent row of Poplars.
Pity the car is in the pic.
One of the roads leading into Tumut.
A rare spot of sun shining on the side of the
road hitting the poplars.
The Door on the Anglican Church.
Just thought it looked a bit interesting.
I am thinking I had better to the next couple of days worth
tomorrow, I have been messing around on the
computer for hours and really have not
done much.
Hope you are all well and happy.
Don't let the early winter get you down.
I will check in with you all tomorrow, when I
hope to have more time.

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CreativeMe68 said...

Oh Sue I am loving these photos that you have taken while you were on holidays! Yeh I am having so much fun organising my Blog 1st Bday! Make sure you pop back in and join in the fun!

Yeh Anyone can join in over at Shutter!!! I am trying to think what I will take a photo of that I can't live without....Choc or Choc or Choc or my family....Not really a hard choice to make...has to be choc!!! Ok bye for now Luv Shaz xoxo