Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 79/365
Ho hum, another sunset.
How totally slack am I?
This was the sky on Tuesday night
after work.
Day 80/365
I took this photo this morning while
Tiff was waiting for the bus.
When I finished the washing this morning I
decided it might be a good idea to go to
Bega to do some Easter shopping.
I really don't like the place, but it
is the only place close that has Coles,
not over fussed with the choice at Woolies.
Anyway I made a few stops along the way.
I will show you pics but first I have a question;
How fast can an echidna run?
Answer; Very bloody fast when I have my
camera trained on him trying to get a photo.
It took him a nano second to go from the middle of the
road to the underbrush, sure had me moving
trying to catch him.
Next I thought I would take a tricky photo that nobody
would recognise, huh, Tiff knew what it was before
I even took it off the camera.
That is Cody's mailbox she said.
I asked her how she knew that and she just said
well look at it, do you know anyone else that
has one like that.
The pic is taken from below, the bottom
is totally rusted away.
And a totally random photo of the windmill on
the side of the road at Tanja. I would like the take
a better pic of it, but the shrub is pretty wild
on my side of the fence, not sure what creepy
crawlies might be lurking in the underbrush,
so this was about as close as I was going.
That's me for another day.
Thanks for dropping by.

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