Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 92/365
Just a quick one today.
The sky was overcast again, so I
thought just another random shot from
somewhere in Bermi would do.
The seat and viewing platform above
the blue pool.
I think I actually like this photo.
Not sure why?

We are off to Canberra in the morning, Mark
has his follow up appointment with the
ENT and Oromax doctors at the hospital.
Hopefully we will have some answers as to what
happened, and why he was so sick.
Thankfully he is heaps better now.
He says he is back to his normal self, but we know
different, he still tires really easily.
By the end of the day his throat
sounds like he is gargling water again,
it is caused from the ventilator pressing
against his voice box for so many days,
he might be like that for the rest of his life,
hopefully not though.
I will try to take a photo of the Ostrich's
if they are out in the paddock tomorrow.
They are on the way to Canberra,
and I think there were Llama's in the next paddock.
Maybe I might even see an eagle on
the side of the road again.
Thanks for dropping by.


Pauly said...

Great photos, keep it up!! I am so tempted to buy a DSLR camera, but I scared I wont use it to its full potential. My cameras I use now are on Auto all the time!!! As I have no idea how to use manual settings etc. Next time I call in to see you, you better not take off, cos I wanna play cameras!!

Sue said...

Next time you are coming you better tell me first. Of course I will be here, you must have just been unlucky, I never go anywhere.
Except I am going to Batlow on Thurs, have not been home since Zayne was born in Oct.

CreativeMe68 said...

Sue this is a beautiful photo, I would love wake up looking at this every morning. Safe trip to Canberra and hope they have found out what caused Mark's illness for so long! Hope it is all ok!!!
ROFPML with the convo between you and Pauly about playing cameras.....
can I come play too? Hope you get some nice photos on your road trip, I am off on a road trip too today!
Luv Shaz xoxo