Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Super long post.

Day 93/365
A quick snap of the non-existent Roo
problem in our Capital City.
So glad they are not so prolific where I live.
This was taken from the car, Mark was driving so I
wound down the window and snapped while
we were travelling. Check it out, how good am I.
It is actually in focus, too dark but wow.
I could not help myself, I had a play with it
in photoshop. I adjusted the levels to make
it a bit lighter. Could have done more but decided
to leave it like this. I would have loved to take
a pic of the poplars too, but it was half raining and
didn't want my camera wet.
I bet you thought that I would not have a sunset shot,
ha, guess again. We pulled up for a toilet brake
at Nimmitabel, and look, there it was just
waiting for me to take a photo.

Well, I have decided that I am not meant to be a city
girl. I hate round-a-bouts, I hate shopping,
I hate waiting in line for slow salespeople,
I hate getting misplaced and having to back track
to find the right road, I hate Macca's, Subway
and what-ever the crap was that we ate for lunch.
I hate shoe shopping, and trying to find something
that was in a catalogue 2 weeks ago.
I would much rather be in the
drivers seat when travelling, but only when I know
where I am supposed to be going (my fault we got
misplaced, Lol), things look different from
the passenger seat.
Mark decided it would be a good idea to
go to Tuggeranong, what a major BAD idea,
I so totally lost my cool, I was driving at that
stage, and had absolutely no idea where I was,
or where I should be, so I stopped on the side
of the road and vacated the drivers seat,
now I am the butt of all jokes about stupid round-a-bouts,
and driving in the city, lucky I have broad
shoulders and can handle it.
On a good note, Mark got the all clear from
the Doctors. Congrats to the Hosp. we spent all of
20 mins in the outpatients clinic, and seen 2
Doctors while we were there, it would have to
be some sort of record.
They said that all his problems were caused by
rotten teeth, he had no symptoms of
anything wrong with his teeth, he
thought that 2 teeth felt loose but other than that nothing,
last visit to the dentist he got the all clear,
other than receding gums everything
else was fine. They said it will take
awhile for him to get back to full strength again.
And he will need to be super vigilant in future,
any minor symptom of any problem with his mouth,
get it checked straight away, same
thing could happen anytime.
On a super good note, I will get to
see my Grand-babies tomorrow, been too
long since I have seen them.
I am going to have a little break.
Nearly forgot, when we were getting in the
car this morning, Mark said 'have you got the camera',
didn't worry about anything else, you think I
might have him converted, hehe.
Oh and the Ostriches were nowhere to be seen,
one day I will get a photo of them.
I will be doing a super douper long post
when I get home again, I am sure
there are plenty of photo opportunities
where I am going.
So I will be back Sun or Mon,
be good.


Tara said...


tuggeranong is the easy one!!!!

see you tomorrow! :D

vicmbee said...

Hey susan.... did you want to join in a family atc swap... just leave a comment on Pauly's blog if you want to join... Ta

Jennifer said...

Hi Sue, glad Mark got good health report, am loving your photos love A. Jen