Thursday, April 30, 2009

I need a lesson.

Day 101/365
This will have to wait until tomorrow,
after just sitting and waiting for
my photos to load, I have
discovered that the net is chucking a wobbly
again. I am too tired to start again.
I can tell you that I did not have
anything interesting today.
I played with the settings on the camera
trying to get a proper pic of Sparklers.
I still have no idea which setting is best.
I shall catch you all tomorrow evening.
Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Super catch up.

Day 99/365

Not much to show for yesterday,

I worked in the arvo, so by the time I got

out of the shop it was nearly dark.
This is at the 4 knot sign in the harbour.

We had the setting sun and the moon
at the same time.

While I was there, I scurried over to the

Bruce Steer Pool, I love the way the
light is shining on the sand.

Just another one of Bruce Steer.

Don't know what is going on with the spacing of this

entry, silly puter chucking wobblies again.
Day 100/365
On the way home from shopping this afternoon.
Some men were cleaning fish,
and the pelicans and seagulls were hanging
around, so I pulled up and snapped away.
It was not even close to dark, so
I am impressed with the look
of these photos.
One of the men threw a fish frame just as
I snapped this pic, the gulls are going pyscho.
Look what I spotted on the side of the road.
For someone that is finding it increasingly
difficult to see without glasses, I am
surprised that I even seen this.
It is probably not even 2 inches across.
It was across the road, tucked in amongst
the trees and shrubs.

Ok, that is me caught up (at last).

Time I was in bed.

Thanks for stopping by, I

am sure I will catch you all somewhere


Ya just gotta love this dirty little face.
While we were pre-occupied doing something
else Zayne decided to sample the charcoal
that had fallen from the heater.
Tara took this photo using my camera
while I tried not to get charcoal everywhere.
Day 98/365
Monday 27th.
I took Tara and the kids down to the park where
I took the photos on Friday. I only
got a few photos of the kids, my
camera battery died and I didn't have a spare.
Love this photo with the gardens behind them.
I love the look on Zayne's face in this one.
He really loves the other kids, you can see
it the way he is looking at Tiff.
Zayne looks like a baby born dolly in this one.
I think I will have to scrap this pic, I love it.
Ah, at last, we finally got on the road.
The weather report was pretty blah, so
I checked in at the info centre, and they advised leaving
asap as there was snow predicted for later in the day.
Luckily at that stage I didn't need to carry chains.
Coming into Yarrangobilly homestead Tiff was
busting so we stopped for a visit, it was so cold,
but I risked frost bite to take photos.
This is the shed near the homestead.
Not far up the road we came upon the snow,
I can tell you it really was a bit of a worry,
as there was a heap more than what I was
led to believe. The plow had been
along the road so that was a huge relief.
I stopped on the hill before Kiandra to take this photo,
and the following one, then handed the camera
off to Sheri, as I wanted to keep driving.
I will add Sheri's pics after mine.
How totally amazing is the sky in this pic.
I think I was getting close to Bega when I
stopped to take this, I could see it in the rear-vision
mirror and just had to take a pic.
Sheri's pics of the April Snow.
She took heaps as we were driving along, so
they are not spectacular, but I do like this one.
It really shows just how much snow there was.
This is the hut at Kiandra, I think it
has something to do with the gold-rush times,
but I have never stopped to find out,
something else to add to the to-do-list.
And this chimney is all that is left of
one of the other huts, it withstood the test
of time for years, I cant imagine what the conditions
must have been like while they were looking
for the gold, a lot of the time they were
working in metre's of snow, and living
in tents.
Seems like it has taken all night to load
these pics again.
I will post these now and be back with the next pics.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 97/365
A quick trip in and around Tumut.
It was still pretty yuk sort of weather, so
it made it a bit hard to access some places.
The first one is water flowing down under the bridge from Fridays
pics, it was bone dry on Friday, shows how
much rain they got while I was there.
A Duck, taken at the same park as the goose.
I forgot to ask Mark what sort of duck it is.
Some farmers shed that caught my eye.
Think this was out the Lacmalac Rd.
Finally a half decent row of Poplars.
Pity the car is in the pic.
One of the roads leading into Tumut.
A rare spot of sun shining on the side of the
road hitting the poplars.
The Door on the Anglican Church.
Just thought it looked a bit interesting.
I am thinking I had better to the next couple of days worth
tomorrow, I have been messing around on the
computer for hours and really have not
done much.
Hope you are all well and happy.
Don't let the early winter get you down.
I will check in with you all tomorrow, when I
hope to have more time.
Day 96/365
Anzac Day.
We spent the day at one of my brothers.
We had a family BBQ in the rain.
He lives out of town, so there was lots to take
photos of.
First is a Scarifier out in the horse paddock.
There is not a lot of grass around, hopefully after all
the rain things will start to look better.
Looking through the working end of the scarifier.
Close up of the fungus/mould growing on
part of the scarifier.

A poor sad kids chair that was out on
the fire pile. Thought it would make a nice pic
so I moved it near the tree.
Look what I found hanging around in the shed.
He has numerous wagons and assorted
wheels to fit.
Just a garden gate.
I cant get over the lack of grass in
the paddock.
Just your typical doghouse.
There were little wrens everywhere until
I pointed the camera at them.
Coming into Tumut, I braved getting out of
the warm car in the rain to take this pic.
Not as good as I hoped but I was shivering way
too much. It is way too early for winter, I am not ready.

That is it for Saturday,
I am having trouble with the computer tonight,
I will try to load Sundays while I am on a roll.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A sneak peak at the snow pics.
Sheri took this one, I love it.
I cant decide if it is overexposed or just
how she has managed the effect that she got.
It looks like it has some sort of filter added.
I have added the watermark and the border,
the rest is just how she took it.
It actually looks like it is hand painted or something.
I am starting to feel threatened by
her skill.
Well done Lou.
Sadly none of mine look this good.
Day 94/365
Thursday 24th.
Spent the day travelling. From Bermi to
Tumut, then to Batlow for the arvo
and back to Tumut for the night.
I was just coming into Tumut when the sun
was setting, how could I resist taking a photo of that.
I pulled into a side road and this is what was there.
I am pretty stoked with this pic.
Day 95/365
I really wanted to find some Poplars to snap,
but wouldn't you know it, the council trimmed them
back from the roads, so I found this instead,
some Poplars and other assorted trees.
The dirt track is great, beats a tarred road anytime.
Sheri and I checked out the Park
where Jed was Christened. So glad it is Autumn, the trees look awesome.
A bit of a water feature, a few birds, and an awful lot of rain.
I was a bit worried about the camera getting soaked.
Same water, different view.
One of the birds previously mentioned.
A goose. I just love the looks in birds faces
when I am armed with my camera, I don't
think they know what to make of me.
A different park, it was getting dark by the time
I checked this one out, so the photo is a bit on the dark side.
I love the Japanese Garden feel of this.
Our little man showing off his crawling skills.
He looks pretty happy with himself.

Look Nan, I can do it one handed, pity he collapsed
after I took the photo. And doesn't
he just love the camera, every time I lined him
up he crawled towards me, so I got some pretty blurry face shots.
All the kids together.
Sheri, Tiff, Tani, Jed and Zayne.
How hard is it to get 5 kids looking in the same direction.
Tara took this photo using my camera.

I will leave it at this for the day, I am a bit side-tracked
watching biggest loser, I don't know about anyone else
but they make me feel like the loser, I don't
even try to lose weight, much to the Doc's disgust.
I have checked everyone else's blog, but
have not left comments, will try to catch up soon.
Tomorrow I will add the photos of the SNOW.
Would you believe we came through snow today,
it is only April, what will winter be like.
Be good, and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Super long post.

Day 93/365
A quick snap of the non-existent Roo
problem in our Capital City.
So glad they are not so prolific where I live.
This was taken from the car, Mark was driving so I
wound down the window and snapped while
we were travelling. Check it out, how good am I.
It is actually in focus, too dark but wow.
I could not help myself, I had a play with it
in photoshop. I adjusted the levels to make
it a bit lighter. Could have done more but decided
to leave it like this. I would have loved to take
a pic of the poplars too, but it was half raining and
didn't want my camera wet.
I bet you thought that I would not have a sunset shot,
ha, guess again. We pulled up for a toilet brake
at Nimmitabel, and look, there it was just
waiting for me to take a photo.

Well, I have decided that I am not meant to be a city
girl. I hate round-a-bouts, I hate shopping,
I hate waiting in line for slow salespeople,
I hate getting misplaced and having to back track
to find the right road, I hate Macca's, Subway
and what-ever the crap was that we ate for lunch.
I hate shoe shopping, and trying to find something
that was in a catalogue 2 weeks ago.
I would much rather be in the
drivers seat when travelling, but only when I know
where I am supposed to be going (my fault we got
misplaced, Lol), things look different from
the passenger seat.
Mark decided it would be a good idea to
go to Tuggeranong, what a major BAD idea,
I so totally lost my cool, I was driving at that
stage, and had absolutely no idea where I was,
or where I should be, so I stopped on the side
of the road and vacated the drivers seat,
now I am the butt of all jokes about stupid round-a-bouts,
and driving in the city, lucky I have broad
shoulders and can handle it.
On a good note, Mark got the all clear from
the Doctors. Congrats to the Hosp. we spent all of
20 mins in the outpatients clinic, and seen 2
Doctors while we were there, it would have to
be some sort of record.
They said that all his problems were caused by
rotten teeth, he had no symptoms of
anything wrong with his teeth, he
thought that 2 teeth felt loose but other than that nothing,
last visit to the dentist he got the all clear,
other than receding gums everything
else was fine. They said it will take
awhile for him to get back to full strength again.
And he will need to be super vigilant in future,
any minor symptom of any problem with his mouth,
get it checked straight away, same
thing could happen anytime.
On a super good note, I will get to
see my Grand-babies tomorrow, been too
long since I have seen them.
I am going to have a little break.
Nearly forgot, when we were getting in the
car this morning, Mark said 'have you got the camera',
didn't worry about anything else, you think I
might have him converted, hehe.
Oh and the Ostriches were nowhere to be seen,
one day I will get a photo of them.
I will be doing a super douper long post
when I get home again, I am sure
there are plenty of photo opportunities
where I am going.
So I will be back Sun or Mon,
be good.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 92/365
Just a quick one today.
The sky was overcast again, so I
thought just another random shot from
somewhere in Bermi would do.
The seat and viewing platform above
the blue pool.
I think I actually like this photo.
Not sure why?

We are off to Canberra in the morning, Mark
has his follow up appointment with the
ENT and Oromax doctors at the hospital.
Hopefully we will have some answers as to what
happened, and why he was so sick.
Thankfully he is heaps better now.
He says he is back to his normal self, but we know
different, he still tires really easily.
By the end of the day his throat
sounds like he is gargling water again,
it is caused from the ventilator pressing
against his voice box for so many days,
he might be like that for the rest of his life,
hopefully not though.
I will try to take a photo of the Ostrich's
if they are out in the paddock tomorrow.
They are on the way to Canberra,
and I think there were Llama's in the next paddock.
Maybe I might even see an eagle on
the side of the road again.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 91/365
I didn't think I would get a photo today,
the weather is absolutely crap.
The wind blew all day, it rained,
the sky was almost black,
the sea was just plain scary,
and it was positively freezing.
But I sucked it up and told myself not to be
a wimp and took a few photos.
The raging surf.

Horseshoe Bay, with Bermagui township
in the background, or at least a small part of it.
I don't know what is up with the colour of the water,
you would think it would be dark because of the sky.

I finally managed to catch a baby Parrot,
they are just starting to get their colours.
He looks pretty splotchy, he will be beautiful
when he gets his new feathers.

Tiff playing the gotchie.
Note the beanie and long sleeves, it really
was cold.
That is it for now.
Hope you have all had a brilliant day,
and hope your tomorrow will be
even better.