Saturday, February 14, 2009

I finished a Lo, yippee!

Day 27/365
A relatively new addition to our little town.
This is the lifesaving platform
on Horseshoe Beach.
It appears to hang over the edge,
with no visible means of support.
Check this out, I finished a Lo today.
I have had this on the go for weeks.
Tiff didn't like the flowers, so it
sort of threw me, and I found it hard
to finish.
I moved the flowers a little bit,
doodled (badly) around
the edge.
Added some wonky lettering
and there you have it, a
finished Lo.

Remember - 'The way to love
life is to love many things.'
by Vincent Van Gogh

1 comment:

Teegs said...

That Lo is soo cute and that lifesaver thingy looks cool, i want our deck like that:)