Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 39/365
Today's photos courtesy of the 'next neighbours' garden.
Sheri walks past these plants every arvo,
and suggested that they would make nice
pics for today. We were a little worried
about getting sprung sneaking
through their paddock, we made it all the way
to the other side of the yard without being seen,
and wouldn't you know it, they decided to pick
that time to drive past us, thought we were
going to get yelled at for sure, but after asking
permission to take the photos it was all good.
I think they used to yell at the boys
cause they showed no respect for all the
lovely plants.
I have now discovered that everything
in said garden has points that hurt when you stand
too close. I wish now we went there earlier before we lost
the light. I ended up having to use the flash.
So glad we didn't have to tangle with this one.
This one was tucked in the middle of something
else, so it is not the best shot, but isn't it pretty.
Check these two out being friends.
Got to make the most of moments
like these, they are getting fewer all the time.

Lastly here is a beautiful shot taken by
Sheri, she risked life and limb going into
the middle of all the spikes to take this.
Very well done, chickie.
I am afraid the pics I took of the same flowers
are so out of focus I couldn't use them.
That's it for another night, thanks for all
the feedback.

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