Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 37/365
As promised a photo that is not a sunset.
The boats up the creek.
The powers that be decided the access ramps
used by boat owners were dangerous,
so they removed them.
What they have left is like a cement platform,
with no barrier to stop you stepping
over the edge. The drop to the water
is probably 1-1.5 metres.
I think they have certainly made it a lot
more dangerous than it ever was before.

The few boat owners that have installed their own
ramp have put a drop down gate at the top,
with a strong padlock attached to keep
undesirables away.
Safer for all concerned.
That's it for tonight, unless of course I think
of something to add later.
Off to eat some cheesecake for dessert,
(fattest loser would love me).


Teegs said...

Nice, its amazing what u actuslly tskr notice of when a cameras at hand. omg blogs distorting my pics, the ones of the boys look different once uploaded, crap actually...weird

Teegs said...

wooo i should take notice of my grammar. thats supposed to be take notice of lol yep off to bed

Teegs said...

ha ha actually!!