Friday, February 6, 2009

Little Wrens

Day 19/365
I finally got a half way decent pic of the Wrens.
I have been watching out for them since
early in the week. I was
starting to think they had moved on...
I wish they would sit still long
enough so I could get a clearer pic
of them.
There are two Blue Wrens in the family,
and about 10 Jenny Wrens.
These two were very obliging and
sat together for a bit.

I wonder if this is a mumma Wren.
She seemed to be keeping a watchful
eye on the smaller birds.
Tiff had her swimming carnival today,
she got first place in her race.
It was 25 metres breathstroke.
Since I did not know that she could even swim,
I am pretty impressed with her.


Tara said...

lol looks like you took a photo of a bush and stuck the bird on there!!
I can always tell when Sheri is the one that comments on mine, lol doesn't sound like something you would say.
I think you mean tiff got first in breaststroke???

Sue said...

You picking on my spelling. I did do spell check. Lol. But yeah that is what I meant.