Saturday, February 7, 2009

What a day!!!!

Day 20/365
Not much of a pic today, I had
big plans, but they got pushed
aside for more important things.
I took this photo this morning while the sun
was shining on the wheat.
We have it planted in the front garden,
Tiff thought it would be a good idea
This little bowl of goodies was what I planned
to feast on while I got some scrapping
done this afternoon. I didn't scrap
and the lollies were all
gone when I got home.
We had a trip to the hospital in the Ambulance
this afternoon. Tiff collapsed from the heat
and dehydration.
She also had a bit of a seizure of some sort.
She was with her friend, so I got a call,
come quick Tiff has fallen over and is in the Ambo.
Both of us mums didn't know that she had not
had anything to drink all day.
In this heat wave that is not a good thing.
Anyway after a few hours hooked up to
a drip she was as good as new,
and she is now home again.
I was a little scary seeing her laying on the gurney
wearing a neck brace and an oxygen mask.
They were just a precaution because
she hit her head pretty hard when she fell.
I think poor Sarah was more traumatised
than Tiff. She said the noise when
she fell was really loud.
Thanks for sharing my days with me...


Tara said...

poor little tiffy :-(

who ate all your lollies? Was it Sheri? the little bugger!!

vicmbee said...

Oh no!!!! sure hope she is better now and drinks plenty in this heat... from now. yum them lollies looked pretty yum... hope you got to try a few before they disappeared...

Sue said...

She has a sore head this morning, might be where her skull cracked the ground, will be keeping an eye on that. There will be a lot of water being drunk today that is for sure.
Mark ate the lollies while we were at the hospital.
I ate the broken ones when I tipped them out of the bag.