Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lots of chatter today.

Day 25/365
What do you take a photo of when
you have no inspiration?
The wooden floor of
the veranda, of course.

I took this photo this morning.
It is about the only thing
green thing in the
garden that
I planted.
It is some sort of philodendron,
my friend was throwing
it out, so I chucked it in the ground.
11 years later, it is still growing.
It is so big now, the leaves grow
to about 4 or 5 foot long.
Tiff and Mark are trying to
save the seeds from
the sunflowers.
Last night they mixed up
a brew of chopped chili's and water,
then they sprayed the flowers.
Our local garden expert said that would
stop them from eating the seeds.
Ha! As you can see, this cheeky
bird was still enjoying the
young seeds tonight.
I was sitting about 1 metre away
from him and he didn't even flinch when
the flash went off.
Next option is some bird netting.
I personally think they should let
the birds eat the seeds, what
else are they going to do with
Thanks for being a part of my day.
Be good, and stay safe.

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Teegs said...

getting creative, once you get the eye, you can see a photo in anything huh?