Thursday, February 5, 2009

Three photos today. I like all of them.

I could not decide which photo to use,
so I will load all of them.
I have found that since taking
an interest in photography
I am seeing things that I would
never have noticed before.
Like the setting sun,
birds in the trees,
the bee's on the flowers,
the flowers themselves.
The girls have started noticing different things too,
they now see colours, shapes, scenery
etc, and often point something out to me to take
photos of.
Day 18/365
Taken this arvo.
A black cockatoo. I spotted this fella
at the beach when I
took the girls for a swim.
He looks like he is asking me a question, like
'what do you think you are doing, pointing
that thing at me'.

Photo no. 2
This little bee on the sunflower is so
loaded with pollen, he could hardly even fly,
yet he still kept coming back for more.
I would love a telescopic lens to get even closer.

Photo no. 3.
I noticed this absolutely awesome site
on the way home from getting chips for dinner.
I pulled up on the side of the road,
and snapped the photo out of the window.
By the time I was closer to home the sun was lower
and the beams were shining from the top in blue,
and from under the cloud in orange,
and wouldn't you know it, my
camera battery decided that was the
moment it was going to die.
Argh and I didn't have my camera
case with the new battery in it.


vicmbee said...

Beautiful.... I love them all and yesterday's one too... What a bunch of low life's to break into your's and other shops.....

Kata comes up and we scrap in the RSL it only started last week... a few more people turned up at this weeks...

vicmbee said...

Yep, more peaceful when they all go to stay up longer than I should...Its too hot to sleep tonight its still 29 in the house.... tara must be suffering. I would love to scrap one of your nature pics.. the last one you put up tonight, maybe if you could email it to me one day when you got time...... Sam loves school, Ash is getting the sooks when karen drops her off but....

Tara said...

omg love that sunrays one... very cool!!!

Sue said...

I will email it to you not a worry,
you want it original size?
Did ash start school too. So many newbies.
I will send you an email now.
Do you go onto msn?