Sunday, February 1, 2009

Daily Photo's and a LO

I didn't get around to loading yesterday's photo,
I was about to do it when we heard the helicopter
fly over the house.
Curious George's that we are, we went for a
drive to see what it was doing.

I think this is photo 13/365
This is something I drive past everyday,
it is an old bicycle that hangs on a fence
down the road, the girls think it
is haunted because it is so old and rusty.

Here is a photo of the helicopter.
We thought it might have been a search for a missing boat,
which happens from time to time.
They were air-lifting a patient to Canberra
in urgent need of medical attention.
Nothing too serious, but being a long drive
they use the copter if they can.

Day 13/365
Today's pic, I admire this bowl of shells every time
I go into the village store.
I asked very politely if I could take a photo,
Dave didn't mind a bit, he even suggested the best
position to take the shot from.
I had to crop a bit, I didn't notice the price tags
when I was taking the photo.
At last!!!! I have a Lo to share,
I started this weeks ago
and have been looking at it
ever since,
I sort of came to a complete stop,
I had no idea how to finish it.
Being busy in the shop didn't help either.
I am still not sure if I should say it is finished now,
I feel it is lacking something.
Ah well! I will just say it is done for now.


xoxAlyssaxox said...

The LO is just gorgeous hun.. well done.

I have something for you on my blog xx

Tara said...

lol you are a sticky beak!!