Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 26/365
What funny weather we are having.
Last week we were having
the worst heat wave ever.
Today we woke up
to a chilly, rainy day.
Not quite jumper weather but close.
I risked getting rained on to take this photo.
Using the Auto button, and the macro
setting, I have managed to capture
the raindrops on the petals.
Checking the info for the pic,
f2.8 shutter? 1/160
Natural colour
35mm ISO 80
with no flash.

Check out the texture in
the following photo's.
This is the splash pattern
I make driving into the sandy shed
after it has rained.
Pretty awesome, amazing what you notice

The girls have been digi scrapping to make their
book covers for school.
Tiff left me to do this one for her Japanese Studies,
I am pretty impressed with this,
I used some of the elements
from Shabby Princess,
and added some brushes,
and I even made my own paper (the green piece),
and also the pink bit behind the photo.

Thanks for sharing my boring life.


Teegs said...

cool photos, how cool are the patterns, love the one of taras tyre pattern at the beach too:) the sunflower looks great:) so does u have a question mark next to f2.8 cos u not sure what it is, its the Aperture or the F stop, the main thing its used for is exposure where as ya use shutter speed (amount time of light let in) but they work best when used together, but ya mainly use the the F stop to adjust the depth of field (sharpness or how much in focus), the smaller the number the larger (wider) the aperture so F2.8is large Wide DOF meaning, the higher the number the shallower (narrow) the depth of field is. where as f/16 is smaller (narrow DOF) so there basically will be more blur, so in ur sunflower the fore and back ground are almost all in focus due to a wide depth of field caused by the aperture setting (F stop)

omg i hope that makes sense lol its how much of ur image is in focus the lower the number the more focus the higher the less focus.

ok lol im leaving it at that beforei confuse my self again took me a couple of weeks to member it

Sue said...

Now that you have impressed me with your extensive range of knowledge, I will tell you it was the shutte speed I was not sure about, the one that is 1/160, I think that is shutter speed, or is it the amount of light that is let in? I should know all this, I have studied it time and time again, and I still forget.

Teegs said...

huh lol welllll the shutter is yeh its the amount of time the shutter is open, there is 2 curtains between the sensor and the mirror and its the time between the first and second one closing, good to use the shutter priority for motion pics, fast shutters will stop the action mid shot and the slow shutter will blur it. so slow good for water falls to give the misty smoky effect but would have to be on a tripod otherwise will just be one big blur. same as the effect car lights give on a busy road, set it to slow shutter of say 1/30 to get the car trail look same fraction for wtaerfall. and fast shutter for motorbike jumping well thats what i use it for or the kids on a show ride would use like 1/500 anything above 1/160 should do it (freeze it). also to remember the smaller the fraction the shorter the exposure. 1/500 is smaller than than 1/4 and also 1/30 is double the time of 1/60 so hmmm is this making sense? i glad im not a teacher lol