Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Long post following.

Day 17/365
Today's photo. The waves crashing over the rocks.
I was standing up on top
of the headland, so I am stunned that
it is as clear as it is.
We had a crap sort of day today.
Mark went to work this morning
only to discover that some low-life,
good-for-nothing, useless-piece-of-garbage
broke into the shop last night.
They used some sort of tool
to jimmy the door open, and
bent the housing all out of shape.

They must have had a specific shopping list
because they only took reels.
They knew what they were doing too,
as they only took the most expensive brands.
Shimano and Abu Garcia.
This cabinet and the shelf behind it
was full of reels. This is all that was left this morning.
Empty boxes and some fly reels (obviously
they were not on the list).

This side of the cabinet had game reels,
including one electric one worth $1200.

They left us these 4 reels this side, we only just
got the new order in a few days ago
so this cabinet was chokkers.
The ones that are left were the cheapest
ones in the cupboard.
Silly us put all the tackle bags and backpacks
on the shelf just in front of the cabinet,
so they used them to make
their job easier, are we not considerate (NOT).
We had the forensic people in to do the
finger print thing, but there were so many
prints that they couldn't get
anything to use.
They went through some of the mail looking
for money or something, they left boot
prints on the ones they scattered but still
nothing could be used.
The Detectives don't hold much hope that we will
ever see any of the stuff again.
We were not the only business hit either,
there were another 7 shops, all in the same night.

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