Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 24/365
Cute little pumpkins that I found
sitting on the veranda.
Not very creative today.

Sheri practising looking surprised.
She chose drama as an
elective this year.
I think I will be keeping
my camera ready
for future 'practise' faces.

Tiff and Sarah this arvo.
I love it when my models are
happy to pose for me.

When my mojo returns
I will be scrapping these photos.

It has just started raining here.
I hope they are getting some rain where they
need it the most.


Teegs said...

ha cute lil pumpkins, who grew them? go Sheri and sweet innocent girls nice images of them:)

Sue said...

I think Mark or Tiff must have. Certainly not me.
I only know how to grow weeds.

vicmbee said...

pretty little models too..