Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 30/365
Wouldn't you know it,
we missed the brilliant sky
over Cuttagee again.
I took this photo from out the front.
Imagine what it would have been
like over the water.
Maybe another night.

How spooky is this.
I forgot the change the settings
on the camera, so
this was taken using the
manner/museum setting.
I captured Tipster mid jump.
The settings were as follows:-
iso 160

For Teegs as promised, a new Lo.
I am not happy with it, it feels not finished.
The photo was taken in the morning before the
swimming carnival, I cant remember how
hot it actually was.
The photo of the Lo was taken after work so the light
is not very good, it has
made the colours a bit off,
and the photo looks washed out.
What's the weather doing at your place?
We woke up to heavy rain at 7am,
the sun was shining by 8am,
it was stinking hot 9.30,
it was looking like it was going to storm at 11
and it has been overcast and warm, but
not hot, since then.
We didn't get the storm either.
What will tomorrow bring?

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Tara said...

That sky looks freaky, scary even.

Love the page :-)