Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 33/365
A little wild flower that I noticed on the side of the road.
Sheri thinks I must have a zoom button
on my eyes, she couldn't see what
I was looking at.
The flowers are less than an inch long.
For some reason they are pink in
the photo, but they looked red when I noticed them.

Guess what, I done some scrapping today,
yay, two and a half Lo's in a day.
On a roll there, and guess what I actually like both
of them. Wonder should I waste an email
and submit them.
Don't you just love this gull, I was going to
call it Johnathon, but changed my mind.
Thanks for looking, and I would love a comment or two.

1 comment:

vicmbee said...

beautiful susan!!!! may as well submit the worst that will happen it that same email back I'm sure you know the ones...... love the little flower... would love to have your camera or learn how to take better pics with my own...
my computer is in the fix it shop again.... got mums old slow one...
Pauly has just started a blog too will put her link on my list..