Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 29/365
I have another bird picture to share.
He was eating from the bird
feeder. There was a chain
from the feeder down
the edge, so I have removed
it using PS. It looks pretty dodgy now.

Check out this bloke, I think he was
a bit stunned that I was actually
getting close to him. He only
jumped away when I was
about 5 feet away.
The zoom on the camera
is pretty good sometimes!

The flash has done something strange
to his eyes. They look as if they are glowing.
I didn't finish my Lo,
I will have to make sure
I have everything I need tomorrow.


Teegs said...

cool, those animals must not feel threatened by you for you to get that close, good clear pics. Love the wallaby? is that what it is?

Teegs said...

oh and yes i expect your next post to be a LO