Sunday, February 15, 2009

Don't you just hate it when your best made plans don't work?
The girls and I thought if we went to Cuttagee tonight
we would get some lovely pics
of the red sky, ha, mother nature
got the better of us.
There were too many clouds to get
any decent shots.
So here is today's pic.
Day 28/365
Cuttagee bridge.
Taken in Sepia,
with the monkey girls
climbing all over the place,
this was about the only
shot where they were
not in the way.

I try my best to get a decent shot of
these 2 together as
often as they will let me.
Not often enough.
So I got them to pose
while we were still at the beach.
This pic is about the best of the lot of them.
Tiff is covered with sand cause
Sheri kept tipping her over.
I was taking the photo on
auto, without the flash.
The colour and exposure is ok,
but they look pixely.

Guess what??????
I done some scrapping today.
I cant show you yet, cause I didn't
have my embellies with me at
work, so it is not finished. So I will try my
bestest to finish it tomorrow.
Thanks Tara and Tegan
for all the inspiration for
interesting photo's.

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Teegs said...

Love the bridge pics, bridges are my theme this week:) n like that pic of the girls:)