Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 32/365
So many pics to choose from today.
I went to do the shopping
today and stopped to
take this bridge pic on the way home.
I love the look of sepia for
bridgework, makes it look old time.

More animal life.
This is Dennis (the menace).
He lives down the road and is coming to visit to
chew the grass down a bit in the front paddock.
His foster dad says he is an x circus horse and he will
buck if you click your tongue at him.
I will be taking his word for that one.
He is about knee high to a grasshopper.
I could not get a good pic cause he was disappearing
into the grass. He would be lucky to
reach my bellybutton.
See how small he is, that is Ranga (??????)
behind him. Reckon he could walk
under him without hitting his head.
Just to prove that the sun does shine here,
I have done a stupid thing and taken a
photo of it. Probably upset the focus doing this,
might have to get a new-u-beaut camera (hint hint).
Tiff took this photo this arvo. Give the girl
the camera and she puts me to shame. Lol.
Question: - How do you tell the sex of a sunflower.
(why would someone want to know that anyway?)
Answer:- The males are the ones with lots of flowers
on the one stem, a female has only one large flower per stem.
We were wondering if we had some ring ins or something,
but now we know. You wont grow any new ones if
you do not have a male plant to cross germinate.
That is my useless bit of trivia for the day,
are you not glad that I told you that?

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Sue said...

Found out the big horse's name is Rami. They both got in trouble for escaping, now the fence has been fortified and nothing will be getting out.