Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 40/365
Mark's parents and brother are in town,
we have just arrived home after
sharing a beautiful BBQ with them.
I took the opportunity to take my
daily photo around the garden at the motel.
I took heaps of photos, but I didn't have my
glasses on, so most of the photos are not so good,
bugger getting old and not being able to see straight anymore.
I would love something like this in my paddock,
but as I have said before I am no gardener, and
I would probably kill everything in the first few days.
This is a bit out of focus, but it was the cutest little
flower on this huge tree, the wind was
trying to blow the leaves off the trees, so
it was a bit hard getting anything to stay still
long enough to focus.
Sheri is sick, she came home from school
with a cold, she is sniffly and is talking funny.
Bit hard to tell in this pic but she is really black
under the eyes too. She will have to stay in
bed all weekend, what a hardship, LOL.
She is really going crook, who gets sick on a weekend.

Check out the shirt, it says 'I kissed a Vampire, and
I liked it'. She is so obsessed with the Twilight
series at the moment.
Anyhow I have to work again tomorrow,
and I am about ready to fall asleep,
so I will catch all you nice peoples tomorrow.
Be good!!!!

1 comment:

Teegs said...

LOl she is obsessed with the book! Can see her eyes much of what i look like right now, it sux!