Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am a day late with this photo.
We had a storm so I switched off the puter
before I had a chance to load it.
It is a pile of seaweed that is
sitting on the front lawn?
Something for the garden perhaps?
Another bird photo. This is one
of the daily visitors to the bird feeder.
It is amazing how close they will let
me get to them.

A rather blurry photo of a Blue Wren.
They will never sit still long enough for
a decent photo. I need a telescopic lens,
I think. Maybe tomorrow I will
capture a clearer shot.
I wish I could get a photo of my nightly
visitor for you, but he is a bit hard
see. I have a tiny little frog
that sits on the kitchen window
catching bugs. He must live in the jungle under
the window through the day time, cause I can
never find him in the morning.

My apologies to anyone that noticed.
I put the wrong number on photo 14/365.
I usually wait til all hours of the night to
load pics and never noticed that I
used the same number twice.
If I could work out how to edit
without loosing the whole post
I would fix it. Lol.


Kathie said...

great photos Sue. Thanks for sharing them. Funny little frogs, they are hard to capture on film. Catch you soon

Tara said...

lol its easy to fix. i didn't notice though, i doubt anyone else did either.... i was gonna do project 365, haven't started though, don't know if i will or not.

love the birdie shots