Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 31/365

So much for the weather blowing through.
It has rained here all day.
So of course I could not go out to
take a photo, so today
you get something yummy,
fresh from the kitchen of Sue and Tiff.
Hope you enjoy them as much as
we did, LOL.

Don't you just wish that the camera
could pick out smells, and sounds?
For instance; this is a flower on the ginger plant,
it smells beautiful.
Coming home last night from work,
I could smell the ocean,
and the cupcakes smelt awesome.
You will just have to take my word
that these things smell great.
What about sounds,
like the ocean crashing on the shore,
or the loud voice of the butcher bird,
or the conversation the
black cockie had with me last night,
before the nasty magpie scared him away.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if
you could hear these things in the photo.
Fleabag seems to have found himself
a new bed. I have found him cuddled
next to this dog cushion all
day, he was even using its
head for a pillow.

I think we created a monster

when we done the school book covers.

We are now getting requests.

One for Sarah and one for Grace,

Tiff tried her hand at digi and

done the bottom one.

Because of the subject, I didn't
have papers to suit,
so I made my own.
Ok, so I had better stop raving on
and go to bed. Thanks
for spending time with me
again today. Seeya tomorrow.

1 comment:

Sue said...

Sarah chose to use the cover that Tiff made. How is that for a vote of confidence for her, well done Tiff.