Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 35/365
How gorgeous are these flowers.
I noticed one at the gate to the tip on
the way home tonight, then Tiff
and I found a heap of them scattered through
the bush, are they some sort
of wild flower? I have no idea.
Tiff touched the green bit in the middle
and it is full of liquid.
I should have taken a photo of the stem
too, it looks like a lily flower but not so
the stem.
I finished the Lo that I started the other day,
I only got as far as the circle and the strips
along the bottom and then lost the plot.
This morning I painted the flourishes and
thought they looked like splashes of water.
From there everything just fell together.

The little thing in the bottom left corner is not stuck down
(I am original, thing),
do I leave it there or add something else,
or lose it altogether?
I would appreciate your input.


Tara said...

the flower is a lily, looks acroos between a oriental lily and a november lily. There are so many different sorts.

Love the LO.. I would lose the original thingy, and not put anything else there.

Sue said...

Hey cool, pays to have a florist in the family. Thanks.
Ok, will lose the original thingy.
Thanks again.

Pauly said...

Hello there, I can finally leave comments... I would leave the original thingy.... Been watching your blog since you started...but couldn't comment. Your photos are amazing....and I love your LO's!!! Same goes with Tara...talent obviously runs in the family!! Would love to pick up some tips from yas...will get to that.. Bye for now Pauly

Jennifer said...

Hay Sue, finally figured out the blog thing like Pauly have been reading yours and Tara's blogs for ages but lacked the courage to comment I'm with Tara drop original thingy. Love your LO love A. Jen

Sue said...

Thanks for the feedback. Hey Aunt why cant I access your blog?
I have been following some of your stuff too Pauly, from some of the sites on Vic's list. Pretty awesome stuff.

vicmbee said...

my input I would leave it but move it over near the chillin out. My computer is sick again so got mum's old one so haven't put any up for a while might do it soon...mum started a blog too well I helped her so she might put stuff on don't know yet...