Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 38/365
Look who came back for a visit this morning.
I have not seen the Wrens for days.
I wish I could get the camera to focus
on him properly.
Look what the parrots have done to the
sunflowers, there is hardly a seed left.

I went to the Bay today to buy a bed.
World's worst shopper. I got one of the first ones
I looked at. The shop had mirrors all
over the place, ewwwww, not fond of
looking at myself everywhere I look.
I checked out the lounges while
I was there, but that will have to wait till
another day.
I went for a wee drive while I was there,
to take my daily photo (I forgot about the bird),
This is one of those bridges that the middle
lifts up to let the tall boats under. I would
tell you what they are called if I actually knew.

I snuck up on this Pelican while I was snapping pics.
I only got 2 pics of him, I think I might have
scared him.

I stopped at the Mogo scrap shop on the way past.
I didn't get much at all, they are a bit
over-priced and have way too much crammed
into the shop, making it hard to see what they
have in stock.
That's it for me tonight, catch you again tomorrow.


vicmbee said...

Hi Sue some more great pics... they look like postcards.. I have to go help mum set up her blog and then add it to my list..

Jennifer said...

HI Sue, love your photos what type of camera do you have. Talking SB shops check out Scrapping Outback online my friends Sandra and Rachelle have brought it

Tara said...


those birds sure did mess up them sunflowers hey!!

Sue said...

Hi Aunt, I have the same camera as when I was at Craig's place, just learning what I can do with it. It is a Kodak easy-share Z612.
One day I would like a bigger better one, but I cant see that happening anytime soon.