Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a terrible day it has been today.
The tragedy of the fires in Victoria
is beyond belief.
I cant imagine what the people down
there are going through,
my heart goes out to them all.
Day 21/365
I stopped and took these photos
on the way home from work today.
I have had to tweak them a little in Ps.
It was not the time to be
snapping pictures.

Sheri and her friend went to the same beach
earlier in the day,
they said the waves were monstrous and
She got knocked off her feet a lot.
We made Tiff stay home all day,
she would have liked to go for a swim
but we thought it best she stay
out of the sun.
Hope you are all safe,
and the weather isn't getting to you.
We have had a spot of rain tonight.
I hope they are getting it
at the fires we have around us.

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