Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 120/365
I confess to not actually taking these photos today.
I worked and it was dark by the time I
left the shop, so here are a couple
I took on Sunday that I never got a chance to show.
A very shiny inter truck, this is the one with
the nice hood ornament.

????? Looks like something out of
a movie.
I totally love this old Fire engine.

This is a photo I have just taken tonight.
I put this Lo together at work today,
it was really quiet in the shop, so I had
plenty of time to play.
Yuk photo, I will take a diff one in the morning.

It has just started raining here, no wonder it
warmed up all of a sudden.
Wonder what the helicopter is doing in town.
It flew over the house just awhile ago, and landed
on the oval, I can hear it taking off again now.
Some sort of medical emergency
no doubt.
I had better shuffle off to bed, I wont
be able to drag myself out in the morning
Catch you again tomorrow.

1 comment:

CreativeMe68 said...

Ohhh I love that LO of Tiff!!! Love the colours you have used....I might just have to steal that design from you!!! And the olden day cars look cool too but I much prefer sunsets!!! LOL!!!
And Thanks for popping over late to my blog and leaving me a comment!
Hey you only have tonight & tomorrow to get me those answers, so come on be in it to win it too!! hope to speak to you tonight on msn Luv Shaz xoxo