Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 109/365
Something different today.
I was thinking about the quote over at RSS, something
about scrapping taking over everything,
I take my scrap stuff to work with me most days
so I thought I would take a photo or two
of 'my space'.
I use the rod building table to work on.
I usually bring 2 bags of stuff plus various
other bits and pieces.
The table is not much wider than a magazine.
Just wide enough for a Lo.
My bags of stock, most things I need
are in one of these bags,
or in the extra pile of stuff I carry.
Some of my extra bits.
Some things I might need for the Lo today.
A starting point. Cardstock, PP and photo.
I hardly ever work from a plan, so just tend to
match photo to paper and go from there.
Some of my mess, I try not to make too
much mess, I need to clean up at the end of
each day. I didn't get to finish this LO today,
too many customers this arvo.
Across the road from the shop.
Lunch time, hmmm.
Wedges with sweet chili sauce, Yum.
Oops, just had to slip these ones in here.
Still a lot of smoke around.
I really am not treating my camera very
nicely, worst thing I can do is point it directly
at the sun.
Ah well, that is enough of my stuff for the night.
Have you been over to check out Tegan's fireworks,
her photos are totally awesome,
and all the great shots on Shaz's blogs.
Inspiring photos from both of them.
Time to shut down for the night,
hope you all have a wonderful weekend,
and for those Mum's out there, I hope
you have a wonderful day on Sunday.
See you all tomorrow.


Pauly said...

OMG, that is the shop we had fish and chips at! We were right across from your shop and didn't even know it!! Just a little further up we sat to eat our fish and chips and was MOBBED by seagulls! Was hilarious! I give it to you lugging all that to work, I couldn't be bothered! Great sun photos!

vicmbee said...

awesome pics once again, and last nights too you musta put them up after I went to sleep last night... love the wall murals and your sunsets... mmm yum fresh fish and chips...

Jennifer said...

Hi Sue a day early for my weekly look, OMG I love your sunsets, also your other shots, you make me jealous, I have a ubeaut camera and tripod and still take ordinary shots, talk to you in 3 weeks off to Canada bright and early in the morning luv A. Jen

CreativeMe68 said...

Sorry I haven't commented on this post...I think I briefly saw it before heading to Bowen yesterday!!!
OMG I would never be able to scrap in that small space! But you create the most beautiful LO's so it works for you!
I am loving your sunsets...I learnt something yesterday about how to take sunsets and get them to look exactly like they are supposed too, it has something to do with the white balance. Will try and explain in my photo blog later! Thanks for the comments about my photos. LOL about the photo of the fish and chip shop!
Off to comment on your post now, Hope you are having a great Mother's Day even though you have to work!Luv Shaz xoxo