Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 127/365
Bermagui is boring at night.
I wanted to get a photo of car lights at night.
Huh, right, in almost an hour there were
maybe 15 cars.
Tiff and I ventured to the bridge before dinner,
and wouldn't you know it, I forgot half
of the tripod, so this pic was taken looking back
towards the main street, whilst the camera
sat on a table, and I don't think there was
a car in sight.
This is another pic of Wapengo St, I zoomed
in a little closer to get a better pic.
While we waited for a car I snapped this shot,
I think a car came across the bridge just
after the photo was taken.
I moved a little bit to see if I could get a better
perspective, and look cars going in both
directions, not that you can tell by this pic.
So I gave the bridge up as a bad idea,
and went to the park across the road from the shop.
This is a bit out of focus, I suppose the water motion
was making the boats move.
But I like the pic anyway.
This photo was taken from across the street from the shop,
looking towards the main st. There really were not
many cars about.
I got home just as it started raining, again.
It would have been good to get the bridge with
the lights reflecting of the wet road, ah well,
I will keep that for another time.
I have a couple of Lo's to share, I just have to
get a photo. I will see if I can get a decent
photo in a little bit, so I might be back shortly,
in the mean time I hope you all enjoy my
view of Bermi at night.

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