Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 125/365
Tipster thought she would like to come to work
with me this morning, so she brought along
her DS (she got it for her birthday).
She made herself comfortable in the window,
on top of the bait freezer.

Here she is leaning over the window with the bait
underneath. It cant smell much or she would
have moved.

Look at this the sun was out just a little bit this arvo.
Just in time to snap this before it dropped
below the hills.
First time we have seen the sun for a few days.

After work I thought I would test out the shutter
button a bit more. The photos are
not focused, I didn't have my tripod.
I discovered it will be very hard to take
a photo of any thing in the middle of the day
using the shutter button, everything was over-exposed.
These two were taken after the sun left the sky,
To get the misty look, I had the ISO on 80,
and the shutter on 1.6"
aperture button on f7.1,
I just discovered that I had the exposure on +3,
maybe that is why it was over-exposed.

this one was f 8.0
Shutter 1/4
I think I will definitely have to have another
play with this.
I think I might go down to the bridge and see if
I can catch some traffic some time.
How is your weather going. We had
some pretty big seas all day, hence the playing with
the shutter button. It had been overcast for days.
Looks like it wants to rain, but nothing much yet.
It is supposed to
be a bit better tomorrow, but I think we will
still have some big seas for a day or two.
It will be still pushing down from the storms up the top
of the state.
Ok, that is it for another day,
thanks for visiting.

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Pauly said...

The over exposed ocean looks awesome! I'm not adventurous enough to play with settings!