Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 102/365
Guess what, another day,
another sunset.
I don't like this time change thing.
By the time I get out of
work there is no light left to take
any photos. The sun was long gone by the time
I took these.
I pulled up near the creek just down the
road from the shop.
The reflections in the water are pretty
Check this out.
I finally finished some scrapping.
I have had these two LO's almost done
for weeks. I was really stuck for a
title (again). I don't know how
other people always manage to come up
with something totally awesome all the time.
My brain freezes when I get that far.
I originally started this one for the white with
one challenge blog. It was white with
coral last month. I messed around with heaps
of stuff on this one. Gesso, bubble-wrap,
date stamp, paint and glitter on the letters,
angel wings with pearl hearts as butterflies.
The list goes on and on.

This one I started before the other one,
and stalled again when I got to the title.
The sticks poking up on this one are
from a fan that was half falling to bits,
they have an interesting design so I
snapped them off and inked them.

I also started another LO, but I had lots of customers
this arvo, mostly between 5-5.30, so I sort of
had to stop and I was on a roll.
Hopefully I will get a chance to scrap
tomorrow too (yay, I am not going to work).
I got an email from my local scrap shop
today, they are closing down, I usually
manage to sneak in there once a week
for my retail therapy. Where oh where
am I going to shop now.
That's it from me for the day, I
am early for a change, so I will have
plenty of time for blog hopping.
Thanks for visiting,
I appreciate all of your feedback.


Teegs said...

OMG the sunsets here have no colour at all lately i been inspired by yours that i cant wait for it to be a cool cloudy sunset...

Love the colours int his one.

Sweet LO's too xx

Sue said...

Thanks Teegs. You should go out to your block around sunset, I reckon you would get a good sunset out there. The hills sort of block the sun too much in Tumut, or go up to the lookout maybe.
Secret to this one, the sun was already gone by the time I left the shop, this was the 'after glow', seems to be better colours when the sun is not in the way.