Sunday, May 3, 2009

Photos and Layouts.

Day 104/365
I had to work again today, so I thought
I had better take my photo on the way.
This was taken over the edge of the rock face,
the morning sun was reflecting off the water,
makes it really sparkle.
Montague Island is just visible on the horizon,
a little to the right of centre.

I closed the shop 5 mins early so that I could
take another photo, just in case the morning one
didn't work. This was taken from the
corner near the bridge.

Ok, cant help myself, I had to go
to the headland where I took the morning
photo, and I had to take this photo, how awesome is
it. It could almost be a black and white pic,
except for the sky in the top of the pic.

Woohoo, another LO, am I on a roll.
I started this one last night, finished it this morning
at work. I am not happy with the photo, I took it in
the door of the shop and the colours are a bit blah.
I have edited and added a better picture,
taken this morning in better light.
Thought I might do this one too. I had
it finished just after lunch, record for me.
Really happy with this one, love the photo
of Sheri and Zayne. I was not going to use these
papers for it, but they really suited the photo.
Again the photo is a bit blah, it is a pain
working until it is nearly dark,
makes it hard to get the right colours in the pics.
I have added a better picture here too,
really didn't like the other one.

I also started another LO,
but it will have to wait for a day or two.
That is it for me for another day,
wonder what tomorrow will bring.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


Sue said...

oops, dyslexic, Montague is to the left of centre.

CreativeMe68 said...

Ohhh Sue these photos are just gorgeous again. I never get sick of your sunsets!!! And I love both of those LO's Luv Shaz xoxo

Pauly said...

Awesome photos Sue (and I too never get tired of looking at your sunsets!!) And your LO's are awesome too!!

Jennifer said...

Awesome photos Sue, every week after I have been and looked at your work I tell myself I am going to go out and take more photos but of course I never do love til next week

Teegs said...

yep dont stop taking sunset pics, they are all always different no 2 sunsets are the same so keep em coming. we havent had sunsets like that for ages cant wait till we do after your inspiring piccies. love the LO's too good to see you back into it and who wouldnt be after having cute pics like that of our lil man:)