Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 103/365
Guess what, not a sunset in sight today.
Sheri and I went for a drive over to Narooma today.
Would you believe I forgot to put the memory card
back in the camera from last night, so I could only
take a limited number of photos using the
internal memory on the camera.
I took her for a look at the Aussie Rock,
she had never been there either, she had seen
it from sea (when she went to Montagui Island with school).
We were intrigued by the cement thingy's at
the end of the rock wall. Funny
looking things. Wonder did
they run out of rocks or what.
This is the ocean looking back towards Narooma,
the colours in the water were stunning.
We ducked into Mystery Bay on the way
past, the water was pretty there too.
Sheri found a tree to climb, if she had
of seen the big bull ants climbing along
with her she may have had second thoughts.
Another one of the tree climber.
Another LO.
Yipee, on a roll. Lol.
Sorry about the title little man,
but you do look grumpy, is it
because I removed you from your fun.
I am sure eating charcoal cant be
good for you, and look at the mess
you made of yourself.

Ok, wow! look at the time, and I have already
loaded my pics, I am early tonight.
Must be cause I had dinner cooked early.
Hope everyone had a fabulous day today,
I know ours was pretty good.
Thanks for visiting.

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