Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 116/365
Lorrikeets......high up in a tree.
I have been keeping an eye
on these beautiful birds for a week or so,
today I finally got the chance to walk over
to the park to find them. I bet people
thought I was a bit strange, standing there
looking up into the trees.
I also wandered along the path next to the harbour.
Not very happy with this photo.
Everything is too far away.
This one is heaps better,
the boats in the fishing fleet all lined up
against the wharf.
I was supposed to work all day today,
but there is a fishing comp on all weekend
and Mark was needed in the shop to rig lines, etc.
so I got an early mark, yay.
It meant that I was able to come home
and check out the goodies I got in the mail
today. I put an order in with Scraploot on Wed,
they are super fast with their orders. I got
some great stuff, things that I would not
have been able to purchase in my local store.
I might get to like this ordering over the web stuff,
I will have to watch myself.
I think I had better stop raving on for the night,
I was going to do a wee little post tonight,
and look what I have done.
So to one and all I will wish you all goodnight,
enjoy your weekend sleep-in and I will
check in again tomorrow.
Thank you all for sharing my blog with me,
and leaving your lovely comments.
I was not going to load these, but shoot, I just cant help
myself. You thought I had managed to go a day
without a sunset didn't you, tricked you (and me,
I really did try not to).
I took these while standing above the
boat ramp, the wind was so strong my camera
had trouble focusing (think it was the way I
was swaying in the breeze).
I was supposed to be collecting Mark from
the shop, but I got a little side tracked.


Tara said...

I like the one you dont like...
It sort of has a fish-eye effect.

Oh and LOL, do you think you should check into the oldies bird watching club yet?? Bahahahahahhaa

vicmbee said...

love them sunset ones....

Pauly said...

OMG, your sunsets today and yesterday blew me away!!!!!!!! Absolute brilliance, why don't we get them here? No fair!! I will be up there again some day just to catch your sunsets!! Love ya other photos too, but the rest are the best!!

Kathie said...

Hello lovely lady!! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I have just joined yours so I can keep in touch!!

CreativeMe68 said...

LOL at what Tara said....I really like the first photo of the boats too!!
I am so glad you loaded the sunsets they are just gorgeous!!! Luv Shaz xoxo

MAAZ said...

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