Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 117/365
Not much to show today!
We had a lovely sleep-in this morning,
and then done the usual Sat morning chores.
Wandered around the main drag and strolled
along the beach for a while this arvo.
This photo is the edge of the creek just up from
the shop, reminds me of something tropical.
This is Tiff trying her best not to get wet.
Lol, it didn't work, her and Sheri stood in the water,
and pretended it was an accident, ha ha.
We found this great tree, perfect for a photo shoot.
Tiff is in stitches cause I told her to say
'Elephants undies', she thought it
sounded better when she said
'Mum wears elephants undies'.
She is lucky she didn't accidentally fall
out of the tree.
Sheri beri.

Guess what, I closed my eyes and pretended I
could not see the sun setting. I took Sheri
out to her friends place, and the sun was
going down behind the house, not half
as nice as the last couple of nights though.
Thank you all for joining me on my blog.
Shaz, I look forward to seeing what you have done
for the class today.

1 comment:

CreativeMe68 said...

Gorgeous photos of the girls in the tree!!! LOL at elephants undies story!! This is the one I stole the photo from! Oh I wish you had of taken the photo on the sun setting, that is why I visit your blog so that I can see your OMG Sunsets!

And Sorry I haven't been around all weekend been flat tack!! I must share some photos I took since the class on Sat....Will get there today hopefully!

Took some nice ones of Kirrily & her girlfriends outside my friends beach house yesterday!!! Might get in an watermark them and share them with you all! Luv Shaz xoxo