Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 110/365
How was your day today,
we had a pretty relaxing sort of day.
After the morning spent doing the washing etc,
we made some gravy, brought some chips
and went to the headland for lunch. Yum.
Clambered down onto the rocks,
I could not find a starfish anywhere,
so here is an underwater garden.
A little bit of shell collecting, Tiff made me
lug them all back to the car,
spose I will get to throw them in a week or two.
Not a sunset! This was about 3ish this arvo.
Nice though.
Same time of the day. Sheri in Silhouette.
I like the look of this one.
Grabbed an ice cream on the way home,
missed the turn-off and went to Cuttagee, Lol.
Two fellas were surfing, so I flipped the camera
onto sport and attempted to take a photo.
Not bad but a bit pixely.
My beautiful Girl.
My Cheeky Brat.
And here I thought I was not going to put a sunset
up today. This was on the way home.
So that was our afternoon, left home around
1pm and got home after 5pm,
don't think we have wasted a whole
afternoon doing nothing for ages.
Climbed the rocks, played in sand,
ate chips and ice creams and
took some not too bad photos.
Early Mothers Day for me,
as I will be working tomorrow.
Many thanks to be handed out today,
to my wonderful girls for a pleasant
afternoon, and to Sheri for the new
blog header, and to all you
lovely people that leave me a comment.

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CreativeMe68 said...

Sounds like a Beautiful Pre Mother's Day out...Love the photos you took!! Just wished that there was a photo of you in there Sue! After all it is all about Mum's today!! Love the photos of Sheri in the silhouette! And your girls are just gorgeous!
Hope you are not having a bad day seen as though you have to work! Love the new blog header compliments of Sheri Luv Shaz xoxo