Thursday, May 14, 2009


Day 115/365
I am sorry.....
I am going to do it again.
Sunset pics again.
Actually this is not sunset, about
4 o'clock near the bridge at Wallaga Lake.
The sun was hitting the water in just the right spot.
Um, I could not decide which photo to use so I
have put three up, all nearly the same.
And then.......................this!
Pulled up at the shop and the sky was like OMG....
I grabbed the camera and raced across the road,
OMG....I cant believe the colours.
I didn't even have to use the zoom.
Cant decide which one is better so.....
I just kept on loading,
and then, check out the patterns in this one.
I sure do feel for all of you people that missed
out on this.
Sorry I have done it to you again,
but really how could I not capture these ones.
I will try to do something else tomorrow.
Happy 8th Birthday Jeddles
I talked to Jaiden this arvo, sounds like he
had the best birthday.
A party in the park with some of his friends.
Sorry we were not up there to celebrate with him.
Ok best load this before I get really
carried away.


vicmbee said...

wow!!! them colours look awesome in your photo's today... love the little birdies from yesty... hope tumut is a lot warmer than here today if Jed's birthday was in the park its like snow wind blowing outside today....

Tara said...

Holy crap them pics are awesome!!!

The best of them so far I think...

He sure did have a "Bunch" of fun lol, and got the best pressies ever, even if he did get stupid clothes.....
And it actually wasn't cold at all, didn't even rain, it was quite pleasant.

Sue said...

Thanks, can you tell I was excited. I could not believe how good they looked.
Sure sounded like he had fun.
Was pretty mild here too, not hot but not cold either.

CreativeMe68 said...

AWESOME!!! Hey Do you think I love them....Such beautiful photos that you have captured Sue! Imagine what you could do if you had a big huge DSLR!, if this is what you do with a point and shoot!!! You really should enter some competitions with these photos!
BTW I love the new background!!! Luv Shaz xoxo

Sue said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments.
Thanks for the mention on your blog Shaz.
I am still totally in awe of the amazing sky yesterday. I stopped to talk to people across the road and it was like a twilight zone, everything and everyone was orange. Wonder what it will be like tonight?????

CreativeMe68 said...

I knew as soon as I showed these to my friend Alicia's hubby that he would want to paint these!!! And he said yeh he would love to!!! He was so amazed at the colours in the sunset! Then he continued to look at your photos and was in total awe!
He loves your photos Sue, so you have an artist admiring your photos! So expect an email as he might be going to approach you to paint some of your photos!!! Hope this news makes your day happy! Luv Shaz xoxo